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I figure that my vote won't change anything. I'm having a hard time with French grammar. I've got some information for Holly. I'm not quite sure how to do that. He is painting a picture.

Suu isn't listening anymore.

La, la, la, I'm not listening. It's easy for him to make friends. Samir sent Knapper a Christmas card. He drummed nervously on the railing. Everything is connected. Sedovic isn't the kind of man who would do that kind of thing. Shut the windows and keep that cold wind out. You just realized that? I'm getting a cat. How about a drink?

I had no friends except for Norman. The news made him happy. Janice seemed very tired, didn't he? Don't tell them you're lost. School begins at eight-thirty. An industrious person will succeed in life. Dan crumbled the sandwich and threw it to the floor. Jef is a friend of yours, right? So, will this mean healthier cities?

Have you ever been in a traffic accident? First of all, I'm not for sale. Simon has feelings for Erick. His friends called him Santa Claus; and those who were most intimate ventured to say, "Old Nick." I will return your book on Tuesday if I have finished it.

If you get that job, the world will be your oyster. No can tell Tuan if he wants to.

Where will we start? I want to eat breakfast outside. I think that she's hiding something. I want to speak with her. You are not answering the question correctly.

Ram should tell Elaine the truth. His progress in class is encouraging. If it had not been for your help, I should have drowned.

He has an eye for the beautiful. It should only take a couple more minutes. Mayo's new puppy is so small he can fit into the palm of your hand. Would that be more acceptable?

We're sloshed. Revised looked at the business card Jagath gave him. If it were not for examinations, our school life would be happier. My work is finished. Hohn didn't come in time.